Wine Cellar

Facilities The warehouse counts with extensive facilities and machinery with modern technology and of stainless steel: table of selection, presses pneumatic of axial filling, tangential and amicrobiotic filter, etc, that all the guarantees of nourishing security and hygiene fulfill. At the moment it has a capacity for 80,000 liters of wine, although it is designed to lodge with a view to future extensions up to 300,000 liters.

In addition the facilities are prepared to receive visits surroundings to the 50 people, with a zone of reception and sale to the public and an ample hall or room of tastings.

Winefication As the grape grows the pursuit of the maturation is more important to determine the optimal date of grape harvest, and to obtain therefore the Maxima loads aromatic. As the harvesting is traditional is made by hand, in boxes of vendimia and it transports advisable, and thus to carry out the sooner the winefication. After the reception of the grape this one is stripped, the paste formed by must and the peels happen to the press, where a liquid of great quality is obtained making slow and smooth pressing. In all these operations that the grape undergoes they form prefermentativos aromatic compounds. The alcoholic fermentation is carried out in stainless steel tanks and supposes the formation of fermentativos aromas and the revelation of varietales aromas.

It is the essential act of the winefication. Once finalized the fermentation, the final operations of clarification, stabilization begin and filtration, before their bottling. During the maturation and conservation of the wine they appear the postfermentativos aromas that they constitute "bouquet" of the wine.