The philosophy of warehouses Pazo de Vieite is to work and to take care of with care its 10 Has of own vineyard, since this it is the factor most important to produce quality wines.

The predominant grape is the variety treixadura, although also it cultivates godello, albariño, loureira and torrontés. You came them are located in slopes and terraces safe from the north, an altitude of between 200 and 350 meters, where the maturation of the grape is excellent. The grounds are of granítico origin, generally acid character and with franc-sandy texture.

The conductions are in espalier, controls the fully factored load by stock and the clusters are selected as much in came like a their entrance in the warehouse, all that to obtain a good ventilation, maturation and health of the grapes. Ground, climate and native varieties make of the Ribeiro an ideal ecosystem for the white wine production excellent, unique and nonreproducibles in no other part of the world.