The wine of the Ribeiro, one of oldest of Spain, poured out in the Roman glasses of the Césares, and according to Estrabón, these conquerors was those that implanted the vine in this zone. The peregrinations to Santiago de Compostela developed the vineyard in Galicia; at that time the most famous Spanish wine was the one of Ribadavia. In centuries XV and XVI it knows his moments splendor, the targets have in English the his better clients but those would be the own Gallegos that would ruin the mighty business, when at the end of century XVI they obtained that the export was prohibited. The reason was that the sales to the English increased in price the product and the Gallegos could not enjoy their wines. The monks of the Monastery of San Clodio, in century XI had extensive properties, most of them dedicated to the culture of the grapevine, constructing the Priorato de Vieite (old Villa Benedicto) also surrounded by brought stocks of the valley of the Rhin. The last century the lawyer Lorenzo Rolando de Francisco, buyed the Priorato de Vieite with its vineyards, planting stocks fundamentally of the Treixadura variety. Near the Priorato it has inaugurated in the 2006 warehouse Pazo de Vieite, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY that consists of a high technology.